About Sharon Rembaum

Sharon Rembaum Interiors is a commercial and residential interior design firm based in Westchester, New York. With an emphasis on globally-influenced modern style, Sharon Rembaum provides a unique take on East Coast interiors.



Sharon Rembaum was born and raised in London, England. She has always had a passion for design. After attending Art College in London she moved away from the arts when presented with the opportunity to work at the BBC, which led to a 20-year career in broadcast journalism. During that time she worked in London, the Middle East and then moved to the United States where she worked for the Los Angeles NPR affiliate, KCRW.

Sharon studied interior architecture and design at UCLA. During her studies, she worked as an interior designer and completed several projects, including office space design for a Los Angeles non-profit and multiple residential engagements.

After having lived on three continents, Sharon has a rich appreciation for history and culture. Her past experiences, both personal and professional, contribute to an understanding of life-and-work styles and help her work with clients to develop spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Sharon is a New York based designer and lives in Scarsdale, NY with her husband and three children.